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Herbs for City Dwellers: Linden

It’s an absolute mystery why linden (tilia) isn’t more popular in the US. Popular in Europe and also used in South America and the Caribbean, linden hasn't yet found its audience here in the US, despite being the perfect remedy for a busy life. The linden tree is native and common in the Eastern US; the 60-100 foot tree blooms in early summer, and its sweet smell envelops the sidewalks of the lucky streets where it lives. The blossoms themselves are dried for a tea that tastes as sweet as it smells.

Besides living right in our sidewalks and being one of the most delicious herbal teas, linden is a perfect match for city life - it’s relaxing in a joyful way: good for decompressing after a packed subway ride or a wait in line at Trader Joe’s. A cup of linden tea creates an open, free, unconcerned childlike happiness.

Turning to twitter to identify a lovely linden.

Turning to twitter to identify a lovely linden.

Tilia cordata; Ivar Leidus

Tilia cordata; Ivar Leidus


But there’s more! Long-term use of linden promotes cardiovascular health; its relaxing effect works with the heart to protect against arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure related to nervous tension. Current research finds that linden is pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and liver-protecting.



Linden effects the emotional as well as the physical heart; linden blossoms open your spiritual heart while they keep your arteries flexible and elastic, rather than stiff and thick. With linden's support, your opening heart can move through grief — a heavy heart becomes a light, bright heart.

For Kids

Linden is great for city kids, too! Children love to play beneath the trees, and the delicious tea helps calm them down when they’re stressed or irritable. When taken regularly, linden tones the nervous system and helps calms kids’ nightmares. Because of its relaxing and diaphoretic (sweat increasing) properties, linden is also a good choice for helping kids through feverish colds.

If the not-so-subtle stresses of daily life have you feeling nervous with a heavy heart, here’s a simple prescription for a lightening, brightening cuppa:


Linden Blossom Tea

Steep 1 tsp of dried linden blossoms in 1 cup of boiling water for 10 min. Drink a cup up to 3 times a day.

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