Heart Medicine

Heart Medicine


Everyone needs heart medicine — cypress, lavender, bergamot, and marjoram create a scent that promotes balance during times of change, helping to release pent-up feelings of anxiety, relax obsessive thinking, and ease nervous tension and feelings of panic. This is also a supportive choice for people who are moving through grief. Blended with all organic oils and butters and colored with red clay.

"Cypress oil's basic subtle action... is to help us cope with and accept even difficult change — of both an inner and outer nature." —Gabriel Moray

5.5 ounces — a hearty bar that fits well in the hand.

Handmade in Northern California. 

Contains saponified:

  • organic olive oil, California grown and pressed
  • organic, fair trade coconut oil
  • organic castor oil
  • organic jojoba oil
  • organic shea butter

Also contains:

  • organic cypress, lavender, bergamot, and marjoram essential oils
  • red clay
  • activated charcoal(from coconut shells)
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