Working With Me

As a clinical herbalist, I help people feel better in their bodies. 

Imagine talking about your health with someone who:

  • respects your knowledge and experience of your body.
  • listens carefully to your personal health story.
  • considers your body as a system.
  • brings years of training and experience in traditional herbal practices, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Western herbalism.

You are the healer of your own body.

I approach my clinical practice not as a healer, but as a guide. As a guide, I share knowledge and point you toward herbs and supplements that are right for your body. You'll spend less time googling your symptoms, and more time applying traditional healing and modern, evidence-based research to heal your own body.

The Details

We'll start with a in-depth 1.5 hour consultation, getting to know each other and your body, as well as your particular needs, lifestyle, and tastes. You'll leave with personalized suggestions for herbal support (usually in the form of tinctures or teas), as well as changes in lifestyle, food, movement, and supplements that will support your body & mind.

Ready to start feeling better in your body?

"Working with Jen has been instrumental to the process of understanding my body’s needs while recovering from chronic conditions. Her generous recommendations and expertise have helped me develop simple and effective habits for self-care. I would recommend her to anyone!"
- N. F. 

My Specialties

While I work with a wide variety of bodies and health concerns, my particular specialties are:

  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Gut Health (including IBS, IBD)
  • Brain Health (attention, focus, foggy thinking)
  • Stress / Anxiety Management
  • Women's / Menstrual Health ("period problems," endometriosis, PCOS, menopause)
  • Pregnancy Support, especially fertility, postpartum, miscarriage, and abortion support.

Annual Membership

I offer annual memberships for individuals and families who want to emphasize herbal support in their health care. Annual memberships offer a package discount on initial and follow-up consultations, a discount on products in the shop, a welcome gift, and digital access to past publications and any new publications within the membership year. Interested? Find out more about Annual Memberships, or sign up now:

Questions? Contact Me.